February 2015 - Personal Style Coach Blog Posts

Get more mileage out of your dresses

Get your goodie bag!

My online launch party has started over on Facebook!  Every party needs a goodie bag, and you can get yours by submitting your email in the bar across the top of the home page. Check in on my Facebook page each day for fabulous giveaways!  

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Mythbusting – drawing the line

There’s a lot of generic advice out there that says the smallest part on every woman is the area under her bust, and to highlight this area is always flattering. Well I’m calling B.S. on that one. The human eye, bless its heart, loves to look at balance and lines. Wherever you put a line […]

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Party, party, party!

Woohoo, we’re about to launch!  Join my online Launch Party over on Facebook for fun, giveaways, VIP offers, and free stuff!!!!!

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What would you choose?

As part of my style coaching sessions I ask my clients a lot of questions about their likes and dislikes, lifestyle, and style goals. During a session with one of my gorgeous clients she said “I didn’t think I had a choice”! Excuse me, what?! I was dumbfounded! Honey, of course you have a choice! […]

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Hi everyone! Welcome to my new website. I am so excited to be launching the new face of my business and sharing tips, tricks, and style inspiration with you here. Huge big squishy bear hug thankyous are due to Byron at 2Scoops for my fabulous website, and to Emily at Emily Douglas Photography for my […]

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