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1 boot 3 ways

Have you ever styled an entire outfit around a pair of shoes?  I’ve been eyeing up these fun ankle boots from Mischief shoes.  Here’s three different ways to style the same pair of boots.  

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Long skirts for sassy shorties

  Long pencil skirts, like this gorgeous floral number from Cue, are big this year.  They come in a variety of lengths from just below the knee to mid calf. They look great on lovely long limbs, but can be difficult to wear on short legs and make them look shorter. Never fear, here are my tips […]

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Get more mileage out of your dresses

Mythbusting – drawing the line

There’s a lot of generic advice out there that says the smallest part on every woman is the area under her bust, and to highlight this area is always flattering. Well I’m calling B.S. on that one. The human eye, bless its heart, loves to look at balance and lines. Wherever you put a line […]

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