Long skirts for sassy shorties

Skirts | The Floral Satin Pencil Skirt


Long pencil skirts, like this gorgeous floral number from Cue, are big this year.  They come in a variety of lengths from just below the knee to mid calf.

They look great on lovely long limbs, but can be difficult to wear on short legs and make them look shorter.

Never fear, here are my tips for making it work for the sassy shorties.


Calf length skirt, short legs


Raise the waist, lengthen the legs

The goal is to visually raise your waistline and lengthen your legs.

If you have long legs and a shorter body, wearing the waist of the skirt on your natural waist will be fine and dandy.  If you have shorter legs and a longer body, wearing the waist of your skirt on your natural waistline will accentuate your short legs because the hem of the skirt will sit lower than it is designed to sit.

You can combat this by visually creating a higher waist line, which will confuse the eye and make your legs appear longer.

Start by wearing the waist of the skirt higher than your natural waistline.   Wearing a skirt and top in the same colour will make it more difficult to see where one ends the next begins.  This confuses the eye and doesn’t make the waistline stand out.

You can also add a belt higher than your natural waistline to visually raise your waist.

To lengthen your legs wear shoes in the same tone as your skin (hopefully your skin isn’t green like our model in the pic!).  Look for shoes that have an open or low vamp (top of the shoe), as this will add even more visual length to your leg.

So my short legged lovelies, armed with these tips, you can find a calf length skirt you love and strut your stuff!


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