Mythbusting – drawing the line

There’s a lot of generic advice out there that says the smallest part on every woman is the area under her bust, and to highlight this area is always flattering.

Well I’m calling B.S. on that one.

The human eye, bless its heart, loves to look at balance and lines.
Wherever you put a line on your body, the eye is going to zoom in and travel along that line. 

This will also highlight to the eye if whatever are above and below that line are balanced with each other.  This is great if you’re blessed with superbly symmetrical proportions, but if your more 24-hourglass than hourglass, it may not be your best choice.

In the below example you will see the same belt on two different body shapes.  On the left the belt is on an hourglass shape.  An hourglass shape is where the shoulders and hips are about the same width and the waist is well defined.  On the right is a round shape (or apple shape).  A round shape is where the mid section is wider than the bust and hips (a sort of opposite of the hourglass).


Drawing a line


On the hourglass shape, the belt highlights the defined waist and tells the eye to look at how wonderfully the shoulders and bust are balanced with the hips, and the eye is pleased with this balance. On the round shape, the belt highlights the width through the midsection and tells the eye to look at how the hips and/or bust are out of balance with the waist, and you may not like the eye focus on this (or you might, so ignore all following advice!).

If you are blessed with a ravishing round body shape, you may prefer to encourage the eye to travel in a more forgiving direction.  Your best lines are vertical as these will encourage the eye to travel up the body, whooshing past your midsection, up to your gorgeous décolletage and beautiful face.

Here are some ways to create vertical lines with your clothing.

Outfits for diamonds/ovals


Vertical lines can be created with open cardigans and jackets.  By wearing a top and bottom in the same colour underneath you can create a long vertical column.  Draped design features that fall from the bust down past the tummy will also create a flattering vertical line.  Another great design feature is a block of colour or texture down the centre of a dress or top.

By creating vertical lines through your midsection you will encourage those cheeky eyes to focus on your beautiful face, and any other bits you want them to see………

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