Weekends don’t have to be boring

The good old Sneans (sneakers & jeans) & T-Shirt formula is often called upon in the weekend.  After a busy week all you want to do is relax and be comfortable.  You can achieve chillaxation and still be stylish.  Let’s look at the formula.

Tee’s are comfy, your old favourite worn out jeans are comfy, your sneakers are comfy.  It’s all about comfort!  Here are some easy changes you can make and still be comfy, but also not look like a homeless person.


Sneans & Tee Upgraded


Easy Breezy

Swap your grotty old tee out for a striped number, add fresh boyfriend style jeans, and a cool pair of Converse = COMFY & COOL!

Rock Chick

If you love your skinnies, make sure they’ve got stretch for comfort, add a big of shimmer on a looser knit top, comfortable ankle boots, and a scarf with a bit of grrrrr = COMFY WITH ATTITUDE!

Classy Classic

If you’re a twinset and pearls girl at heart dark was jeans always look smart, get stretch denim for comfort, replace the tee with a soft knit like merino, smart ballet flats for your footsies, add a simple necklace = COMFY & SOPHISTICATED!

If you follow the basic formula of denim with stretch, knit tops, and flat shoes, you can wear just about any look and still be chillaxing on your lazy Sundays.

Experiment and have fun!

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